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The International Diaspora Film Festival (IDFF) provides Toronto audiences with an opportunity to experience the cultural mosaic of the present world through the medium of cinema.

“Diaspora” refers to the dispersion and migration of a people from their homeland and the communities they form in new lands.

The IDFF explores themes of migration, immigration, and cultural diversity by showcasing works of both established and emerging filmmakers. The festival pays special attention to independent Canadian filmmakers from ethnic minorities.

The IDFF is a charitable not-for-profit organization founded in 2001 to foster understanding and discussion among different people. By giving voice to “Others” we hope to diminish stereotypes and prejudice and promote dialogue over conflict.

Director: Shahram Tabe
Co-director: Paul de Silva
Board of Directors:
  • Carl Bruntland
  • Paul de Silva
  • Levon Haftvan
  • Arsinee Khanjian
  • Caroline Kirshner
Advisory Board:
  • Anne Bayin
  • Dimitri Eipides
  • Aisha Jamal
  • Soheil Parsa
  • Babak Salari
Community Relation: Carly Whitefield
Sponsorship: Ulla Laidlaw
Art Design: Poopak Raad
Web Site: Ali Jafarpour
Video Editing: Arash Kharabi